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Evacuation Plans

As an employer, manager or ‘responsible person’ it’s your job to make sure your place of work has a clear evacuation plan in place and that everyone knows what it is. Not only must you have a plan in place, but your place of work must meet certain requirements by law.

These requirements are as follows:

  • A clear passageway to all escape routes
  • Clearly marked escape routes that are as short and direct as possible
  • Enough exits and routes for all people to escape
  • Emergency doors that open easily
  • Emergency lighting where needed
  • Training for all employees to know and use the escape routes
  • A safe meeting point for staff

Not meeting these requirements puts you in breach of regulations, which could lead to a fine, jail time or in the worst case scenario, death.

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If you’re concerned that your work place does not meet requirements or you don’t have a clear evacuation plan in place, get in touch today. At Pax Fire Control our experienced experts will be able to help you do everything you need to do to keep you and your staff safe.

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