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Who’s responsible for your fire safety?

If you’re an employer, a business owner, a landlord or facilities manager then you are directly responsible for the fire safety of that property and as such you have certain duties you must fulfil. It’s your job to carry out a fire risk assessment, to make sure that staff are aware of the risks and provide them adequate training, to plan for emergencies and most importantly to put in place and maintain appropriate fire safety measures.

Neglecting those responsibilities could lead to a fine, jail time or worse: death.

How do you know if you’re compliant?

Understanding if you’ve met everything that’s legally expected of you can be complicated, but not if you hire a fire safety professional. A fire safety professional will be able to assess your premises and advise you on everything you need to become compliant with regulations. Then they will be able to help you carry out those recommendations by helping you:

  • Perform a risk assessment
  • Train staff
  • Provide fire safety measures such as fire extinguishers
  • Plan emergency procedures and help with signage

By employing a professional, you can rest assured that you have met all of your responsibilities. You will no longer be liable in the eyes of the law should the worst occur, and most importantly you will help prevent serious injury or death.

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